Original 4278 TLE4278G TLE4278 ECU IC Voltage Regulator


Original 4278 TLE4278G TLE4278 ECU IC Voltage Regulator


Original 4278 TLE4278G TLE4278 ECU IC Voltage Regulator

The TLE4278G is a monolithic integrated low-drop fixed output voltage regulator supplying loads up to 200 mA. The IC is available in a PG-DSO-14 package. It is designed to supply microprocessor systems under the severe conditions of automotive applications and therefore equipped with additional protection functions against over-load, short circuit and over temperature. The TLE4278G can also be used in other applications where a stabilized voltage is required.

Features :
• Output voltage tolerance = ±2%
• Very low current consumption
• Separated reset and watchdog output
• Low-drop voltage
• Watchdog
• Adjustable watchdog activating threshold
• Adjustable reset threshold
• Overtemperature protection
• Reverse polarity protection
• Short-circuit proof
• Suitable for use in automotive electronics
• Wide temperature range
• Green Product (RoHS compliant)

TLE4278G TLE4278 Car Chip IC
Models : TLE4278G
Manufacturer : TLE
Package/Case : PG-DSO-14
Reference To Part : TLE4278G
Encapsulation : PG-DSO-14
Substitute : TLE4278G
Category : Auto ECU IC voltage regulator

Package Include :
1 X TLE4278G TLE4278 Car Chip IC

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